Harvard Referencing Quick Guide

What is referencing?

Referencing is a system used in the academic community to indicate where ideas, theories, quotes, facts and any other evidence and information used to undertake an assignment, can be found.

Why do I need to reference my work?

  • To avoid plagiarism, a form of academic theft.

  • Referencing your work correctly ensures that you give appropriate credit to the sources and authors that you have used to complete your assignment.

  • Referencing the sources that you have used for your assignment demonstrates that you have undertaken wide-ranging research in order to create your work.

  • Referencing your work enables the reader to consult for themselves the same materials that you used.

What do I need to reference?

All the information that you have used in your assignment will need to be acknowledged. It is essential to make a note of all the details of the sources that you use for your assignment as you go along. Harvard examples in this guide are based on guidance in:

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